Topic: Influence of Obesity on the Overall Health

2.      Abstract

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* Background Information on the Problem

* The Objective of the Study

* Method Used

* Interpretation of the Results

* Conclusion & Recommendations for Future Research

This is an example (just to guide you)


Background: The temporary protective status (TPS) is a document granted by USCIS to eligible nationals of certain countries, who are already in the US. It was granted to the Haitian community after the earthquake back in 2010 Objective: The purpose of this study is to explain why Haitian with TPS should be granted a green card. Method: For this research study, a meta-analysis method was used. Various data relating Temporary Protected Status (TPS) were collected and specifically sorted. The information was compared to a narrow path regarding solely to the Haitian community. Results: TPS has received many extensions over the past ten years; now it is just a question of when the US government will close their eyes on the Haitians people. This uncertainty causes many fears in the community. Conclusion: The research will help know whether Haitian in the US with TPS will get a green card and which way. Furthermore, this study will help a lot of Haitian living in USA, also those that might come temporarily to know the stress they will be facing. Recommendations: It is recommended that future research be done to collect more information on legalization like asylum, family-based citizenship through USCIS, and conduct quantitative-qualitative studies on the same topic.

          Keywords: temporary protective status, Haitian community, immigration, government legislation, green card for Haitians