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This is the feedback I got from my professor on the work. Can you make the adjustments?

“This is a very good start. Just a couple of things:

  • The objectives should focus on the immunization clinic and not the overall BRG system; so consider rewrite Objective A and C
  • You have left out the person to whom you report on the organizational chart. You might consider re-structure of the nursing staff. Do you think that the NP will want to report to a nurse. Might it be better use of the skills to put the NP to be the Chief Nurse and just have RN in other positon? It is your decision just justify it.
  • Rewrite the job descriptions like we did in the assignment.
  • Consider the data collection revision in light of the revised objectives.”

This is what she is referring to about the job description

Bayside Internal Medicine

Practice Front Desk Clerk

Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Reports to the practice manager

June 13, 2021


The Bayside Internal Medicine is looking for an energetic Practice Front Desk Clerk – who will be supporting the needs of our office. Bayside has been the trusted practice for internal medicine for over 50 years. Bayside is a thriving practice looking to ensure a growing and inspiring work environment. We continuously look for qualified applicants to fill positions and represent our office in its best light. With an outgoing personality and strong work ethic. If this, is you, come join the team!

Job Summary

Practice front desk clerk performs basic clerical duties such as organizing, medicals records, preparing reports, manage and answer multiple phone lines, medical billing, accepting copayments. Ensure patients are greeted and checked out promptly. Also works directly with doctors, nurses, and other staff members.

Responsibilities and Duties

-Responsible for answering multiple phone lines

-Works with patients, co-workers, and referring providers

-Manage organization of the office

-Maintain equipment and supply orders

-Perform Insurance verification

-Manage financial records

-Accept copayments

-Scheduling appointments

-Maintain HIPAA guidelines

Job Qualifications

-High school graduate or equivalent required

-Minimum two years’ experience in the medical field

-Proficiency with computer systems (Microsoft Office) required.

-Knowledge of medical billing and insurance verification

-Great communication skills

-Understanding of HIPAA

This was her feedback

“The overview is not included in a job description. It goes in the job advertisement!

Keep you tense the same e.g. works but then use manage, then use scheduling which is past participle. Need to include a verb in Job Qual e.g. possess a: then list or put a verb with each. ??????????????????????????????????????????”