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Accountability in Nursing Profession:-

Nursing Accountability is an ethical code of conduct where nurses are responsible for their actions (ANA 2015). Professional accountability impacts patient care through health promotion, patient teaching, counseling, daily life activities, and collaboration with the interdisciplinary team (physiotherapist, dietician, pharmacist, etc.) (Leonenko and Drach‐Zahavy, 2016). The nurses who are accountable focus on patient’s trust in the nursing profession. When the nurses work together by improving patient care as a team, they can earn the patient’s trust. Accountability is seen in nurses by following practice guidelines of the nursing practice act, questioning the standards of care to the provider’s order, maintain confidentiality, ensuring safe quality care to the patient, and delegating works in team members to patient care. (Murphy, 2020)

In daily lives, nurses are accountable for the work they do in clinical. The nurse should be responsible to self, peers, employer, and patient. Examples of professional accountability to self in nursing would be nurses working on unsafe nursing practices, like if the unit is overload with high acuity patients and more work overload. A nurse should be responsible for refusing the work in an unsafe setting to protect the public and be accountable. The nurses should make sure that organizational policies and refuse to work in a bizarre environment. If the nurse cannot take responsibility for the vast number of patients, it is better to discuss with the authority in time rather than face the consequences due to lack of care. (Murphy, 2020)

An example of evidence-based nursing accountability practice will be my personal experience working in a nursing home if a new patient comes in admission on my time. I am accountable for the patient’s activity. So, correct documentation about the patient would be necessary to justify my accountability. Likewise, I need to update the legal information, ensure the patient signs the admission and treatment consent form before administering any meds, or providing any care. If I gave any medicine as the patient requested without a prescription, I would be the one who has to justify my action. I have to check before administering meds to the patient; without knowing the history and known allergies, I cannot help the patient giving medicine. It is beyond nursing practice. I will be the accountable one. So, as a nurse, I should always follow the nursing process to take care of the patient. I have to assess the patient by taking vitals and physical assessment. Secondly, planning regarding the care and treatment is significant for the patient. Thirdly, I have to implement the care provided to the patient. Fourthly, I had to give a rationale for the implementation of care, and lastly, evaluation helps know the patient’s outcome. Documentation and reporting have a significant role in professional accountability.

Simply respond to the writer(student) post above supporting positively using 200-300 words APA format with references.