. Article


1. A one-page summary of a relevant article on the theory or its

application is needed. The top of each summary should have

the complete reference in APA format. (articles included primary,

secondary, and research sources).

2. Select article from a published a peer reviewed, scholarly journal

(5-year-old or less unless it is a primary article from Penders theories)

3. It should also include any handouts, such as charts, diagrams, or

definitions, which will facilitate understanding of the PowerPoint

presentation and the theory itself.

4. ARTICLES NEEDs to be with double space summary

(with APA reference).

!!!!!!!! This is what I need for this assignment, a one page summary of a scholarly journal
(NOT OLDER THEN 5 YEARS AGO) on Penders theory model and a list of the main topics discussed in the article so I can put them on a power point. Please DO NOT USE THE ARTICLES LISTED BELOW SINCE THEY HAVE BEEN ALREADY USED BY MY OTHER CLASSMATES. Use a different one. I also attached an example on what I need for the power point slides !!!!!!!!!! once u have selected an article please inbox me the name so I can related to my professor n classmates.

1. Article: Effect of nurse-led program on the exercise behavior of coronary artery patients: Pender’s Health Promotion Model

2. Article: The Effect of Pender’s Health Promotion Model in Improving the Nutritional Behavior of Overweight and Obese Women

3. Bahabadi, F. J., Estebsari, F., Rohani, C., Kandi, Z. R. K., Sefidkar,

R., & Mostafaei, D. (2020). Predictors of health-promoting lifestyle in

pregnant women based on Pender’s health promotion model.

International journal of women’s health, 12, 71.

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