Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems High Blood Pressure Discussion

NYSU Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems High Blood Pressure Discussion

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You meet Mr. Devon Jones, who is a 40-year-old African American male with a long-standing history of uncontrolled hypertension. Both of his parents died from hypertension, and his mother also had type II diabetes. Mr. Jones is a police officer in a high-crime neighborhood. He stopped smoking about 5 years ago when diagnosed with hypertension. He states that he drinks several beers every evening and does not pay much attention to his intake of sodium, fat, or carbohydrates. He does not exercise regularly, with the exception of required trainings for his job. His weight has increased by 20 pounds during the past year, and he reports some shortness of breath with activity, especially when climbing stairs. Action Items Read the scenario above. Explain to Mr. Jones in layman’s terms the pathophysiology of primary, secondary, and complicated hypertension. Also, based on the data you have about Mr. Jones, explain to him the most clinically significant information related to HTN in his history and review of symptoms. Finally, choose one pathologic effect of sustained, complicated primary hypertension, and give Mr. Jones an understanding of its pathophysiology, as well as direction for improved self-care to avoid the complication. give your rationale and substantiate it with references, including your textbook and a minimum of 3 other credible, scholarly sources.