center primarily on Laudato

The answer to this question must center primarily on Laudato Si, but should also include other material from throughout the course relating to reverence for creation, as well as the other Franciscan values.  Be sure to cite specific readings, and in the case of Church documents, such as Laudato Si, specific section numbers as found in the document.  (Relevant passages from Laudato Si should be chosen from throughout the document, especially the assigned sections, and not merely from the first few paragraphs.)  NOTE WELL:  Your answer is to be BASED on — and ONLY on — the course material: the reading assignments, notes, and other items posted in this course on Blackboard.  The use of other sources is not permitted and will cause a deduction in your grade.  You are also expected to explain the material in your own words and use quotations only to support or illustrate your points.  Your score will be based on both quantity and quality, but especially on how well you explain fundamental concepts, how well you make and explain these connections, and on how thoroughly you integrate the various course materials into your discussion.  I value solid thinking, but also vision and informed imagination. (Recommended MINIMUM length:  c. 750 words)

Question:  The question has two main parts:  a) Explain and discuss the meaning of and deep connections between REVERENCE FOR CREATION (aka ECOLOGICAL JUSTICE) and SOCIAL JUSTICE, especially as brought out by Pope Francis and by the other course readings.  (In other words, discuss how Laudato Si and other course readings emphasize the connections between reverence for creation and social justice.)  b) Then expand these connections to include how perspectives from other religious traditions (at least two others) tie into these.  In other words, what insights on ecology and social justice are offered by other religious traditions?

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