clinic nurse prepares a staff educational seminar


Activity 2:      CASE STUDY

The clinic nurse prepares a staff educational seminar related to the Internet and the World Wide Web. The nurse chooses to include content on information literacy, computer literacy, the digital divide, mobile technology, website credibility, and cybersecurity. In addition to the content and activities for the staff education, the clinic nurse also prepares an interactive computer station for patients to learn about similar topics.


  1. What is the primary reason the nurse educator is consumed with staff education regarding website credibility?
  2. Healthcare consumers consistently share information from the World Wide Web.
  3. Staff can assist healthcare consumers in comprehending professional healthcare websites.
  4. Only about half of healthcare consumers check website information for credibility.
  5. The majority of healthcare actions are influenced by information on the World Wide Web.
  6. Which additional topics might be pertinent for the patients’ interactive educational computer station? (SELECT ALL THAT APPLY.)
  7. Blogs.
  8. Social media.
  9. The internet versus the World Wide Web.
  10. Consumer healthcare websites.
  11. Provider healthcare websites.