communication to student nurses / patient

3.3 Assessment tasks: Case Study


Group or individual Individual – Subject-  persuasive communication

Level- Postgraduate



Due date 1800 hrs, 14th July 2020


Word limit 800 words




We can learn a lot about effective communication by observing the communication of others. The aim of this assessment task is to analyse an authentic communication interaction in a healthcare setting and discuss the impact of a poor communication style on another person.

You are required to:

1.From case study (Please read attached PDF) and select one character that has been impacted by the communication exchange; either the NURSING STUDENT or the PATIENT.

2.Applying what you have learned about communication theories and models of communication, analyse the communication exchange and the communication styles of the CN and RN Discuss the potential impact of the communication exchange on the selected character (nursing student or patient) and the unfolding scenario.

3.Then, formulate 2 key strategies with brief rationales explaining how each strategy supports and improves the communication style of the RNs using communication models, theories and communication styles. The goal is to create positive outcomes for all concerned.

You are expected to substantiate your analysis and strategies with contemporary literature. This paper should be presented as an academic essay, so include a brief introduction and conclusion. No headings or dot points should be used. Third person must be used. Correct APA (7th ed.) should be used throughout.





  1. Analysis of the communication exchange- Weight 40%


  1. Development of two key strategies including rationales to enhance communication- Weight 45%
  2. Use of evidence -10%


  1. Format and Presentation -5%


Needs 8 references



Some important things needs to  include :

– This essay needs analyse and address what model of communication CN and RN were having. Such as  Transaction or transmission model, then need to elaborate it in relation to case study – with reference


-Impact of the communication to student nurses / patient, and what happens to student nurse/ patient when communicated badly- Please focus on student – explain in detail at least for 200-300 words


–       Two strategies should not just list- Please- elaborate as it is 45%- Please elaborate in detail – at least for 400 words at it is 45% in essay


Like what are the strategies, such as staff (Nurses) attending workshop- why you have chosen, what good can come out of the chosen strategies with supporting references