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Hello Classmates,

There have been many concerns and debates regarding public healthcare in the United States of America (USA). And many other portions of the world. The USA is a leading nation, and the world has its eye on improving health care services. The health care cost is a major concern to the people of America. Depending on the elected political party, there is improvement or delays in the health care programs.  A lawmaker or a legislator is a member of the political legislature; this individual is in charge of composing and passing laws. (Little & Ogle, 2006). Local, State, and Federal members can introduce plans for society’s benefit in zeroing their political status, which requires political assistance. In most cases, legislators must contemplate creating cost-benefit policies, always keeping in mind the public.

There are three crucial portions to medical care: quality, cost of care, access, and wellbeing (Milstead and Short, 2019). According to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), in 2010, medical care became a law giving zeroing to medical services to everyone with wellbeing rates and improving consideration (ACA, 2019). The reasonable contemplation of the act, Patient Protection, and ACA had three primary targets:

  1. Modify the private protection market, predominantly for individuals and small consumers
  2. Grow Medicaid with the inspiring of the poor and government payments up to 133%
  3. Change the way on how clinical choices are prepared (Silvers, 2013)

While the ACA was not what people expected because of the two mandates: the employer and individual mandate (Fay, 2020), the employer mandate must provide affordable health insurance to their employees, or they will need to pay a fine. The individual mandate means that any citizen must have health insurance, or at the end of the year, they must pay a fine, which can affect your taxes (Health Market, 2020).

Once legislators attempt to become re-elected, they must consider what the majority of the citizens support and try to make a balance to keep all citizens pleased. As a nurse, I know that legislators have a lot on their agendas, not an easy job. The White House and the Congressional Republicans attempt to impel the American Health Care Act (AHCA) in the House of Representatives as an ACA replacement (Willison & Singer, 2017). States are gradually unreceptive to annul efforts. Although the government’s action, many states have presented projects to preserve some ACA parts; the health care exchanges, Medicaid extensions, and individual mandate (Willison & Singer, 2017).