continuous dependent variables,


This was estimated with a priori G-Power Analysis.  Based on the continuous dependent variables, measured over 2 repetitions, the plan is utilize a paired samples t-test for each variable.  How each variable interacts with each other is not within the scope of this project.  (Estimated effect size 0.5, alpha 0.05, Power 0.8, 1 group, 2 repetitions).  The estimated sample size is 27 for each population.


I am trying to compare PRE and POST test result of bulling in senior elderly in ALF

study design- Group design

types of study design to I have –is within subject’s design

how many independent variables do I have- two

type of dependent variables do I have is –continuous

paired sample test –using t -test formula

staff pre test 58 percent say yes , and post test  79 percent say yes a total of 26 staff


patients 44 percent say yes post test 77 say yes a total of 27 patients