Create an  Informed Consent Brochure 

Create an  Informed Consent Brochure

The purpose of this assignment is to help students understand the legal implications of informed consent. A document such as this is used to share information on a topic. It is meant to be visual and to tell some, but not a whole lot of information about the topic. Make the brochure look interesting, but do not clutter with too much text.

Instructions: Please review course materials, assigned reading, and the articles below to create your brochure content on Informed Consents. You can find the articles in files under Informed Consent Articles. Be sure to include a reference page from course materials used in the brochure.

Keep in Mind:  Plagiarism- using someone else’s writing as your own. Do not cut and paste information from the articles summarize and write in your own words

Informed Consent Articles

1.Informed Consent: Essential Legal and Ethical Principles for Nurses

2.Informed Consent for Medical or Surgical Treatment to create your brochures.

**You may use any brochure template you wish to use- some examples include: Microsoft Word, Google Documents..,etc.. Your content can be arranged in paragraphs, lists, or together with graphics. The overall appearance of the brochure should be neat and appealing, however the focus is the content in the brochure.

Brochure Headings

Discuss the elements of informed consent.

Discuss the role of the physician in obtaining informed consent.

Discuss the role of the nurse in obtaining informed consent.

Discuss what type of medications would influence the client’s ability to give informed consent.

Discuss details of informed consent for the following clients: Adult clients, Minors, Unemancipated minors, Mental Health Clients, Medical Emergencies, and Legal guardians/surrogates.( persons legally appointed to make decisions for another person when they can not).