cultural identification.


Answer the following two answers with one page each and follow APA format reference:

1)      Pick 5 holidays you have knowledge of or are specific to your cultural identification. Describe traditions from this holiday specifically applicable to children (birth to 21 years of age). Describe the developmental stage (Erikson or Piaget) and how certain traditions appeal to the specific age and why.

2)      Did you vote? If so…why…or if no….why not? (We are not asking you WHO you voted for, why or why not…just IF you did or deliberately chose not to do so.) If you did not have a local/regional/national vote recently (or coming up!)..then tell us what you last did with your voting opportunity. Were you aware of any platforms of the candidates that impacted health care? And any specifically of health care for children? If you were aware…tell us about that…or if you were not aware…research a recent political platform that did impact the health care of children and tell us if that would have influenced your vote.


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