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Discussion Assignment:

Most healthcare providers are now using computerization to share patient data and information across facilities locally, nationally, and eventually, internationally. This week we will be discussing personal experiences with health information systems and more specifically electronic health records. Answer the following questions, being sure to appropriately support your statements with at least 2 scholarly sources (peer-reviewed, less than 5 years old).

1. In your current or former workplace, what type of clinical applications were utilized? (I work in a hospital)

2. Do you believe your workplace followed systems development life cycle (SDLC) best practices? If so, how? If not, why do you believe the organization failed to do so?

3. How can organizations balance federal requirements and timelines with best practices for SDLC?

3. What metrics (if any) should organizations consider determining whether care is positively or negatively influenced by electronic health record adoption and implementation driven by the HITECH Act?