Data Management, Reporting, and Analytics Program


The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with a framework to assess your organization with the goal of developing trusted and meaningful data, reporting, and analytics to support your organization’s enterprise strategic plan. DNP leaders know that profitability is increased in organizations that are early adopters in the “analytics revolution” (McBride, 2018, p. 402). A framework is useful in assessing and organizing a plan to best utilize enterprise data. The framework we will examine is known as the Enterprise Data Management, Reporting, and Analytics Program (E-DRAP), and it is designed to integrate clinical, financial, operational, and third-party data sources for robust reporting and analytics (McBride, 2018, p. 402).

The E-DRAP framework is modular to meet the needs of various healthcare delivery organizations, regardless of size, organizational complexity, or level of maturity, as well as more complex enterprise data warehouses (EDWs) (McBride, 2018, p. 402).


Utilizing the E-DRAP framework from your assigned readings, Chapter 17 of your textbook, you are to:

  1. Evaluate your own organization’s readiness to move forward on a strategic information plan to best utilize enterprise data.
  2. Assess the key components of reporting and analytics content, specifically addressing the people, technology, and processes.