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Democratic Leadership Style and Servant Leadership Style

A servant leadership style focuses on sharing the power of authority, it focuses more on serving by building a partnership through trust and sustainability, so that the leaders can best use all resources at hand to better serve their community. For example, servant leaders build trust and sustainable partnership by being willing to do the same work they are asking their team members to do, along with collaborating with those team members to complete the work and showing compassion and understanding for everyone. Therefore, it is important for servant leaders to have these trust and sustainable partnerships so that they can receive help in achieving an effective goal to better serve others and help improve the lives of others (Mind Tools, 2021).

Furthermore, based on my personal leadership style quiz, it noted that my leadership style is Democratic and Participative Leadership. This means I approach a situation with a set goal, but I take my team members’ opinions into consideration before I make my final decision. This means I create a motivating, trusting, and engaging, yet inclusive work setting atmosphere. However, this type of leadership style might meet barriers when a situation of high pressure occurs, which might slow down the discussion making process because I am willing to take everyone’s opinion into consideration before an outcome can be made. Also, when too many people are allowed to make a contribution to a specific project, it can cause poor decision-making because too many people are involved (Mind Tools, 2021).

The importance of melding these principles together as a public health professional and leader

It is important to be able to meld your own personal leadership style and the tenets of servant leadership together as a public health professional and leader. Therefore, there are two suggestions on why these two forms of leadership styles should be melded together and they are because it increases productivity and commitment. For example, both leadership style is collaborative and partnership-oriented, which means everyone whose ideas were taken into consideration will have this feeling of empowerment and belonging to perform on the task. Therefore, increasing productivity and commitment because their own ideas are being used so they will feel more connected to the vision of the project.


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