Design your own medical care system.




Design your own medical care system.

Congrats! You were just elected President of the United States! First up on the agenda is to roll out your new plans for the US’s medical care system called, “XXX Care”. Sounds nice!Now, tell us about XXX Care and why you think it will work.

(Note, you should watch Video 1 and read Chapter 26 before completing this Discussion).

  • 1 pt: Draw a visual of your Health Care System Plan (see example below from Ashely Hodgson’s Video 1). Take image of it and upload (try using a google drive link to share image). NOTE: Your new Health Care System Plan can be a modification of existing models, or completely radical, or just brand new, but it should be reasonable!
  • 1 pt: Include a minimum of 2 of the following players in your plan:
      • people, government, government insurers, private insurers, doctors, hospitals, other (justify)
  • 1 pt: Briefly describe your plan in words (~100 words).
  • 1 pt: What about it do you think will be effective?
  • 1 pt: What about it do you think may be ineffective?
  • 1 pt: Who are all the parties that pay for medical costs associated for health care in your system?
  • 1 pt: Is there room for private insurers in your health care system? Briefly, why or why not?
  • 1 pt: Does your health care system operate differently for those with pre-existing medical conditions? Briefly, why or why not?

Health Care Sheme.jpeg


Explanation & Answer length: 300 Words