Diagnose Before you Prescribe”




  1. In your first post, respond to the following:
    • Explain Habit 5 in your own words and describe how this can help your career path as a leader in health care.
    • What does Mr. Covey truly mean by “Diagnose Before you Prescribe” in this video?
    • What is symbolized by the pair of glasses? Give three examples of how the pair of glasses affects your leadership style or others around you.
  2. Post responses critiquing two classmates’ solutions. Describe why you agree or disagree with their choices. Offer any suggestions about how this can affect leadership styles of health care employees.

Student 1:

Hi everyone,

Habit 5 explained by Covey states that most people tend to listen with the intent to reply and not to understand the person they are listening too, and that is a corruption according to Covey in most communication situations. In other words, we tend to spend that time listening by trying to think of what to say in response instead of trying to understand the other person.

According to Covey, the meaning of “Diagnose Before Prescribing” means that individuals should try to understand the problem before coming up with ideas in order to address/solve the solution. In my eyes, the glasses represent a solution that can’t always be solved without listening and understanding. Just because someone is wearing them and is being told they are great, they are healthy, etc, does not mean that to glasses will work and help them be able to see. Three ways this affects my leadership would be in certain aspects and/or part of my personality as a leader when it comes to my communication. The glasses can help me understand that not all words can have answers for a solution, meaning that I cannot always solve a problem by having an “answer” for an individual. As a leader, it can also help me understand that real communication is only finished when the other person takes the time to understand, not the time to “answer” the person being listened to. And lastly, it will help strengthen the lesson of what real listening and communication is for both myself and maybe even my employees.

Student 2:

Hello everyone!

In my opinion, Habit 5 is all about communicating effectively with others. Habit 5 is based on the idea that in order to fully be understood, we must first learn to understand others. In other words, people should recognize the importance of listening to others, taking in their opinions and ideas, without the intent of judging or trying to enhance your own agenda. Habit 5 can benefit my career path as a leader in healthcare, as it directly affects the relationships with the people I work with and manage. Learning to listen and empathize with other employees, especially those who I work closely with, will help build healthy inter-office relationships. In return, employees will feel more safe and secure in their ability to speak up and participate in discussions.

The concept of “Diagnose Before You Prescribe,” as stated by Franklin Covey, is essentially another way to describe the process of fully thinking things through before acting or speaking. In fact, people do it everyday, especially when thinking about what to say or do in a specific situation. People should look to fully understand the whole situation, before trying to make any moves to resolve the issue or problem. Diagnosing problems demonstrates a person’s ability to not jump to conclusions, not act impulsively, and ensures more effective outcomes and solutions.

The pair of glasses truly symbolizes the paradigms or beliefs that people use to view themselves and everything around them each and every day. The glasses people to choose to wear everyday helps inform their opinions and actions. However, if we rely on only seeing the world through one lens, we can easily misjudge and miss opportunities. In fact, Franklin Covey states, “If we’re too invested in our point of view, we may miss seeing the true potential in ourselves or others — stunting growth” (Davis, 2017). Whereas, if we look through multiple lenses, and take other peoples’ views into account, we are able to see the world from multiple perspectives. In addition, the pair of glasses directly influences my own leadership style and others around me. For example, communication with other employees will become increased, allowing for more open discussion and dialogue to share ideas and opinions. Secondly, the relationships I build within the workplace would be extended, generating higher-quality work, in both myself and the other employees. Lastly, the glasses will enhance my ability to listen and empathize with other employees. Thus, generating a greater trust between my employees and myself.

Davis, T. (2017, September 1). Wear Glasses That Work. FranklinCovey. https://www.franklincovey.com/blog/2017/9/29/wear_glasses_that_wo/.


Explanation & Answer length: 600 words 2 Responses 350 Words Each