dietitian at a diabetes clinic

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HI, I have finished the assignment, but just need someone to revise the finished essay I have attached based on my professor’s comments :). This is the assignment topic: “You have been given a position as a dietitian at a diabetes clinic in a low socio-economic area of Brisbane.” I also have provided the prompt and assignment instructions so that you know what the assignment was all about :). Please be sure that after you are done revising the word count is at least 2000 words :).

Professor’s comments:

1. Please follow to the requirement structure of the requirements and put the section header on each section

2. Initial statement of the principle position is required

3. there are good enough of identifying and analysing the socio cultural issues, but lack of recommendatons (from a dietitian perpectives, and for the low income group of Brisbane) of specific measures to mitgate the effect of them

4. Need more sources to support the argument with (15-20) reference from the recent decades like:

a. Reference of Dietitian association of Australia / UK



Assignment Instructions:

To develop critical thinking practices related to HMNS professions including Health and Physical Education, Clinical Exercise Physiology, Exercise and Sport Science, Nutrition and Dietetics, Sport Journalism and Sport Management.

To provide conceptual understandings of how HMNS professions exist in broader social and cultural networks, and how these networks influence and shape professional practices which involve diverse clients, parents, carers, and others.

Topic: Critically analyse the impact of sociocultural factors on your potential health and sport profession


Students are to produce a 2000-word analytical essay. This essay must be fully referenced (Harvard Style, APA, Australian Government Printing Style), typed on every second line, with a list of references.