Discussion Board Items:

The focus of this assignment is to help you better understand the various components of and appreciate the importance of Nurse Practice Acts, scopes of practice, and the NCSBN Consensus Model.

Discussion Board Items:

1. Compare and contrast two (2) Nurse Practice Acts addressing

a) identify each state

b) the APRN Title,

c) Scope of Practice including prescriptive authority,

d) education requirements, and

e) national certification.

2. Define scope of practice.

3. How does an APRN determine his/her scope of practice?

4. Let’s explore the  NCSBN Consensus Model.  Use the Implementation Status link on the NCSBN Consensus Model website.

a) Identify the goal of the NCSBN Consensus Model

b) How does your state’s Nurse Practice Act compare to the NCSBN Consensus Model?

c) Which states are in full compliance with the Consensus Model?

d) Which states are the least compliant?

e) What are the educational requirements identified by the NCSBN Consensus Model for all APRNs?

f)  How does the educational requirements at NKU compare with those identified in the NCSBN Consensus Model for APRNs?


-Please use references from 2016 and up

-first initial is due on thursday 11pm EST, then response is due on sunday -requires 100 words minimum(pls utilize  3 pages for both initial and response)-Thanks