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What does dying mean for you or for someone dear to you?

Dying to my understanding is when someone is gradually approaching death or getting to the point where they cease to live or perform life activities or processes. This is one of the tragic moments in every one life to see someone we love transitioning to death or watch someone go through the physical changes in the process of dying Some of the characteristics dying people might possess is changes in their breathing, loss of bladder and bowel control and unconsciousness. Their body begins to slow down the circulation of blood throughout the body making their hands and feet very cold and numb. This transition of the person to his or her death state is a very saddening moment for his or her family and loved ones.

What would make the experience meaningful for you-can death be meaningful?  (For your discussion think about the location, age, and reasons most people die today.

Death can be meaningful to me if I was able to live my life to the fullest or I was able to accomplish all of their goals. Death can be seen as meaningful as it helps us to make use of every little time, we have whiles living. Studies have shown that the awareness of death and the constant knowledge that we will all die one day gives us a strong motivation to make use of every single time we have whiles alive (Alvar 2019). In relation to age when people die early it mostly does not make their death meaningful since it is assumed the person was not able to do much, live their dreams or goals they had with their little period on earth. In relation to location using the United States as an example, studies have shown that heart disease, cancer, and chronic lower respiratory diseases have being the reason of half of the death in the United States (Holland 2019). With that being said, with the way people die in the United States I think death is sometimes not meaningful In the United States.

Does advances in medical technology that impact chronic illnesses influence the dying process? Shat is the difference between death and dying? Identify characteristics of what a good death might be for yourself. Include characteristics that are related to your culture.)

I believe advances in medical technology has had an impact on the dying process. This is because these new technologies have been used to prolong the life expectancy of individuals with terminal illnesses such as cancer. Death is different from dying, death is the permanent, irreversible cessation of all biological processes that help sustain life. Dying on the other hand is the process whereby an individual is approaching death but still alive.  Some characteristics of a good death is when the person is in a pain free status, when the person has a choice in treatment preferences, when the person has their family present and saying a goodbye and experiencing dignity in the dying process. I am a Ghanaian and from my culture a good death is when a person dies from age seventy onwards and when the person was able to have a sense of completion which is they attaining their goals leaving a legacy.

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Dying is strange and also a normal thing. Dying means leaving the people I love behind. Dying the end of life, like everything is over. It is like an end of an era. For others, the death of a dear one, makes them realize the value of life and live to their full potential. Death is meaningful when we learn to live knowing that we will die. Living a good life, with dignity, respect, and purpose, death is still near and what we do or do not do does not exclude us from dying. Living to our potential also prepares us to die with courage, dignity, and meaning (Breitbart, 2018).

Medical advances have always influenced the dying process of patients by using life-sustaining measures. Many people see the idea of prolonging life as a good one, but in the actual sense, it is an interruption of the dying process. Death is inevitable and medical technologies, most of the time give a false expectation that a person’s time to die is not near yet. Medical advances also influence the dying process by choosing the way a patient will die, by making machines to operate a patient’s body systems with no guarantee of improving their conditions (Peter & Lydia, 2018). Prolonging life of chronically ill patients does not make their life any better, as it is mostly characterized by increased suffering.

Death means that a person is living no more, while dying means that a person is almost meeting their death. Whereas death is an event, dying is a process. As many people fear death, there no agreements on what makes up a good death (Meier et al., 2016). Good death has a variety of attributes, including being with people I love when dying, having my end of life wishes known, being at peace with people, making, taking part in the dying process, dying in a place of choice, dying pain-free, having a spiritual life and dying with dignity.