e operationalized into job descriptions and performance reviews


In the Cleveland Clinic case, and related HBR article, there are many issues to consider. What is their responsibility? What should they do, and what resources can they bring to help this patient? In your report, please use the data provided in the case as much as possible to help you make informed decisions, and to support your arguments.

Wendy Leebov provides an outstanding presentation on communication practices. Additionally, AIDET is a framework for communication in health care. I am also posting Behaviors of Excellence from a health care organization with which I have worked that show how communication can be operationalized into job descriptions and performance reviews. Other best practices have been implemented to ensure service quality. What other examples can you share?

Finally, Sievert (NEJM) shares an incredibly powerful narrative about a patient that, to me, touches on many topics that we have covered in this class, and is related to the Cleveland Clinic case. What are your thoughts on this?