Electrical Stimulation as A Treatment for Athletes Injuries Research Paper

KU Electrical Stimulation as A Treatment for Athletes Injuries Research Paper

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I’m working on a health & medical case study and need a sample draft to help me study.


The student will write a literature review (a cohesive summary of the evidence-based medicine) of five articles and a case study, this combined is your research project. Typed, double-spaced, 12-pt Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins. Make sure you spell check. For the case study, the student will use a case study in the literature and review how the modality affected the athlete and the injury status. (The effects of the modality on their particular injury) Consider these questions: My modality is electrical stimulation for pain. The case study has to be within 10 years. Minimum of 8 pages,

Did the modality work?

What patient self-assessment instrument was used to determine if the treatment goal was met?

If none was used, which patient self-report assessment instrument could have been used?

How many treatments were applied? Days/weeks?

Were the treatments consistent?

Was it used wisely?

Should a different modality have been used?

Were the settings/applications/parameters accurate and appropriate?

How did the athlete feel after the treatments?

Apply what you learned from the articles and from the case study into the research project. Discuss if the research conducted in the literature review correlates with the treatment effects for the case study. Provide rationale for this correlation. How would the research provided alter the treatment for this patient?

Use APA format for citation page.