ethical dilemma auditors

You are going to discuss two different examples of ethical dilemma auditors can face. The first one is a fictitious case, “If You Need Love, Get a Puppy.” Read the case (ignore the questions on the last page). The second one is an insider trading case involving an audit partner named Scott London, a scandal that actually happened. Follow this link to listen to the case.



Initial/Original Post

As you can see in the examples above, auditors are likely to face various types of threats to independence. In an initial post, please respond to following:

  • “If You Want Love…” Case: I 1) How do you think is the title of the case relevant to the situation described in the case? 2) dentify one or more ‘threats to independence’ (discussed in Module B of the textbook) relevant to the situation.
  • Scott London Case: While “If You Want Love..” depicts a common ethical dilemma auditors can face, Scott London case is rather unique. Discuss what surprised you about this case.
  • Discuss factors that affect auditors’ decisions/actions in an ethical dilemma and why it can be difficult to do the right thing.

*Note: Please use the two references that I wrote.