euthanasia dilemma arguments-

  • Summarize one of the euthanasia dilemma arguments–you can choose either Donnell, Matzo or Bogucki–briefly and note why or why not this is a good argument either for or against medical triage? Make sure you also state your understanding of the definition of triage.
  • After considering Shapiro (2020) NPR story, “People with Disabilities Fear Pandemic will Worsen Medical Biases,” share an example of bias you witnessed during the physical isolation period and how this would go against one of the philosophers’ theories we have read and why.

Please use the following as instructed by professor

  • Donnell R.W. (2006) “A bright line. ” Medscape (PDF)
  • Bogucki, S., & Jubanyik, K. (2009). “Triage, rationing, and palliative care in disaster planning. ” Biosecurity and Bioterrorism: Biodefense Strategy, Practice, and Science, 7(2), 221+. (PDF)
  • Matzo et al (2009) “Palliative care considerations in mass casualty evens with scarce resources.” Biosecurity and Bioterrorism (PDF)
  • Shapiro, J. (2020, April 15). “People With Disabilities Fear Pandemic Will Worsen Medical Biases.” (Website)
  • Horwitz, J. (2020, March 11) “For Italians, Dodging coronavirus has become a game of chance.” New York Times (Website)