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There are 2 parts to this assignment

1.How good is the EvidencePart 2(1).docx download

Suppose during the next three decades, the average number of hurricanes per decade is as follows: 4, 6, and 8.  Drawing on the statistical reasoning concepts in Huff and your weekly readings, compare and contrast these three decades to the previous 16 decades of hurricane data in Part 1. Answer the following questions.

  1. What are the 3 potential hypotheses when comparing these data to the previous 16 decades of hurricane data in Part 1.
  2. Which hypothesis can you accept? Why?
  3. How many hurricanes would you expect in the following decade based on your current analysis of the data in Part 1 and 2? Why?

2.Please submit your excel worksheet here.

After referring to the class notes on Huff, answer the following questions:

1. Statistical analysis of the 16 decades of hurricane data reveals a 95% Confidence Interval of +/-1.10652102. Add and subtract this number from the population mean to determine the 95% CI value, which is the value 2 sd’s above and below the mean.

2. Suppose 10 hurricanes were to occur. Based on the 95% CI, what is the probability of such an occurrence?

3. Based on statistical theory of the normal distribution, what conclusion can you draw?