As the Director of your program, you are also responsible for writing policy. The general policy for observation and assessment has been written but is missing a section that outlines the connection to the families and collaboration.

In this assignment, you will be creating an original section for your parent handbook about family conferences and collaboration between your program and families and their part in the observation and assessment process.

*Note: Only original work is accepted. You are creating this insert in your own words. Copies or use of your program’s parent handbook language, or that of another established program, is not acceptable and will result in you having to redo the assignment.


Create an original insert for the parent handbook using research on collaborating, decision-making, and goal setting with families that

Explains the collaborative process in relation to assessment goals for each individual child.

  • Provide in-text APA citations from credible sources to support your ideas.
  • Describes how your program works with families to assess children’s development, strengths, and needs.
  • Demonstrates how these practices are aligned with the DAP position statement and the Code of Ethical Conduct.
  • Provide in-text APA citations from credible sources to support your ideas.
  • Details what the families’ responsibilities are in the observation and assessment process
  • Meets the following general requirements:
  • Headings for the sections are used to organize information and engage reader
  • Follows the conventions of appropriate grammar, spelling, and writing.
  • Provides references from at least 2 credible sources in APA format
  • Although no there is no length requirement, all of the above criteria must be included. Refer to the grading rubric for details.
  • Submit the insert for the parent handbook in a Word document.

*You will complete your Assignment as you normally do.

*You will then copy and paste the blue text that is in the document below (the rubric criteria titles and scores; image below) and put the top blank scored section on the very last page of your Assignment, beneath your References (on your References page).

*Fill in the scores you feel you earned. When you have given yourself a score, be sure to save your Word document and attach it to the Drop Box. 🙂

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