Week 8&9 Help.mp4.Play media comment.  Note – this was recorded before Faculty were not on campus from COVID restrictions.  Note that Appendix D below is the Evidence levels not B.  Also the Appendices below will assist you in deciding if qual or qual and then guide to levels and quality.

Discussion– Individual evidence article summary.

Perform your literature search.  Use FSW library nursing databases.  Use the table on p298 in Dang & Dearholt. You will need to locate 2 articles/ references per level of evidence (total 10 references).   Sample document for the table of evidence is in course resources. Use Appendices D, E, F in Dang & Dearholt text to assist you in making the determinations.  You should be able to determine this information from writing the research analysis paper.  Reference listing must be included in the submitted document.

The professor will review your table for content and accuracy and return to you for potential corrections before inclusion in the final EBP paper.

Attach as a document in WORD to the discussion.  USE THIS DOCUMENT & DO NOT CHANGE FORMAT. APPENDIX- Individual Evidence rev.docx.Preview the document   Download document and save as Word document as . doc or docx.  No pdfs are accepted.

The following are tools to help you evaluate your articles for evidence table.  Also found in Dang & Dearholt text.

Faculty will provide feedback on changes needed to this document. You must revise the Appendix A table as indicated by faculty.

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