Family Centred Care


Patient and Family Centred Care (P&FCC)-the delivery of health care based on partnerships between
patients, families and all those involved in the care of the child and family. Evidence has shown that
patient and family centred care can produce benefits for both the child and their family.

Choose one case study (detailed below) on which to base your assignment discussion.

1. Briefly describe the child’s presenting condition, including most common presenting symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. (10 marks)

2. Explain in your own words what Patient and Family Centred Care is in the context of paediatric nursing care. (10 marks)

3. Identify three stressors of hospitalisation that the child and/or family in your case study may experience, and three interventions that the nurse can implement to help alleviate them. (20 marks)

4. Describe in depth how the nurse can apply two (2) of the P&FCC principles (listed in the box above) in the care of the child and family in your chosen case study (20 marks).

 Ensure the nursing care and interventions you describe is developmentally and situationally appropriate for the child and family.

 Demonstrate your understanding of the child’s current age and stage of development

5. Describe the process of providing discharge education for the child and family in your chosen case study. What specific and appropriate evidence-based resources would be suitable to provide the child and family with, to assist their understanding of their condition, treatment, and how to care for them while in hospital and when they are discharge home? (15 marks)