Fast evolving and specialities skill


Self-reflective on community health care services need (Gibbs Model)

Fast evolving and specialities skill

Over the year, healthcare system evolving to accommodate the increasing elderly population as well as incidence of chronic diseases (ICIC,2017). In surging of population, ratio of nurse to patient in various setting would decrease. Community nurses helps in early identify, maintain and manage patient symptom in society to make the healthcare more accessible and affordable, especially in elderly (Channel News Asia,2019).

In current, there are multiple channel provide health information to public which include multimedia. Though, it’s helps increase the health literacy on public, but it could become another platform in providing unreliable information which accelerate and affecting elderly believe. This phenomenon change could become a challenge in providing education in community setting (Smith&Denali,2014).


Specialities affect in care delivery

In view combat with shortage in manpower and false information, community nurses need to be more experience and knowledgeable in various setting of care. However, in Singapore nurses training is more specialize and focus in an area (How, H. C., & Ming, F. K. ,2014).  Specialization could be narrow nurses learning, clinical skill as well as lower their confident level while out from there specialty area. Being confident in various practice and become public health information resource, community nurse should equip well with various experience in care. In order to achieve it, a rotation base working method could be proposed.


Evaluation Experience oncology specialisation setting

Throughout 10 yrs. working in oncology, even though practice in different hospital, inpatient and outpatient, and paediatric to adult setting, personal I felt an inadequacy myself in community services. Specialisation would be benefit on gaining the experience on an area and building strong relationship foundation on relevant team, but it can’t broader my understanding on care in other department to identify the problem in a bigger picture. Medical condition towards community might not confine to one but multiple, in each specialty almost all the patient has additional common diagnosis, but the care and management is out from my knowledge to be able to give advice. Such Inadequacy would refrain doing a good education in public as well as lack confident in different field of practice.



Suggestion of Job Rotation

‘Job Rotation’ being systematically rotate staff to different department to learn the different practice needs over a period of times. Rotation could expand staff knowledge and gaining recognition through the knowledge they are learning at the same time reduce the resistance to change and practice in other sector where to overcome the shortage issues.

Interpersonal relationship would better through the people encounter in different department. Closeness between team member who has opportunity work together will reduce the conflict and reaffirm the theoretical framework.

Through understanding each department practice which would build more resilience staffs even with lower ratio manpower but still able to delivery convincing service to public by all the different experience to gaining a trust.



‘Job Rotation’ could be help in future healthcare system dealing with shortage and combat with unreliable multi-channel health information. However, which might still need to have a proper plan by caring out the suggestion. There could have diverse feeling of anxiety, anger, sadness and insecurity in the initiation of job rotation. However, it would be benefited to expand staff knowledge and improve the flexibility integrate in the community needs. Improving in confident level through various experience and improve better connection among staff by increase understanding on different working processes. Once, more experience and confident in what we are doing, would help building patient relationship and gain trust to be a main resource person in community.

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