Fitness Health and Racquet Club



  • Discuss when Fitness Health and Racquet Club (FHRC) should recognize revenue from membership fees, court rentals, and coupon book sales. Explain your basis.
  • Discuss how FHRC should account for the revenues on equipment sales considering the down payments and balance due, explaining the point in time this revenue is recognized and why.
  • When should FHRC recognize the 4% estimated cost of the guarantee of the rowing and cross-country machines and how is it classified, as COGS or a charge against sales?
  • How should FHRC account for the internal use of the manufactured equipment inventory? How is this classified and why?

Required (CONTINUED):
Part II: Access the Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) to cruise through U.S. GAAP related to Revenue Recognition:
You might have access to the ASC but here is our student portal:
FASB/GASB Accounting standards: Link is:
Student Access: Username – AAA53012 Password – 6yHY4eA
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2. Look up and identify the references related to your handling of the foregoing case, identifying the provisions
a. Note the Section-subsection that seem to apply to your decisions.
b. Note the Section that applies to the newly released standard.
Is it applicable now?…
Can a firm implement a new standard early, voluntarily? Explain.