Forum #2: SUD Risk Factors

Forum Directions: You should make a minimum of 2 postings in total: one new thread and one thoughtful response to a classmate.  (Please refer to the course syllabus supplement for forum rubric information. Your participation will be graded on a ten point . 

Identify one commonly abused substance. State possible risk factors for that substance. Identify  the effects of that substance on the brain and other vital organs. Identify the signs and symptoms of an active substance user that is taking that abused substance you have chosen.

Journal #1: Goodbye Letter

Each week’s entry should be at least 1 page for a total of 4 entries. (1 entry per week for 4 weeks) Journal #1 is the “Goodbye Letter”. After determining the substance/activity that you will abstain from this term, write a 1 page, double-spaced, typed letter in which you say “goodbye.” In the letter, describe your relationship with the substance/activity up to this point. Address what you like about your substance/activity; how you consider it a friend; what the substance/activity does for you; in what ways the substance/activity controls you; what using the substance or engaging in the activity has cost you; what you do not like about your substance/activity; and how you consider it an enemy.