Functional Human Anatomy

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PEMT 305- Functional Human Anatomy- Final –Project-Presentation

Purpose: Each organ system has common disorders (diseases) that disrupts its normal structure and function. The purpose of this assignment is to describe common disorders (diseases) that disturbs the structure and function of one of the organ system levels. You will use the information you learned this semester about the specific organ system to describe the course of action that caused the disorder (disease). Each organ system has a learning objective that relates to describing disorders. These learning objectives will be used to assess your knowledge of what you should have gained over the semester.


This assignment should be done as a PowerPoint Presentation.

Your class text should be used as a primary resource, you will, however, need to implement another (other) resource(s) for this presentation. You could use any “medical” articles you may have, PubMed journals, WebMD, the internet, etc. to research your topic.

The presentation should be a minimum of 10 citations and a maximum of 20 citations visually appealing and appropriate slides including all of the pertinent information. You should include pictures and figures to convey your message and remember to cite the resources/references using the format APA style.

This assignment will be uploaded to D2L assignments folder. You must use anatomical terminology for your presentation to describe the location, structure, and function of the organ system affected by the disorder and use the criteria below to present your topic.

Specific Requirements

Find your name on the list that is associated with a disorder.

For this assignment, you need to provide a presentation that covers these conditions.

Elements that must be covered are:

  1. Discuss the location, structure, and function of the organ system affected by the disorder.
  1. Clearly define and identify the cause of the disorder and the organs that are affected.
  2. Discuss ways to decrease the risk of developing the condition.
  3. Discuss the impact of this condition on specific organs and the whole body.
  4. Discuss healthy lifestyle choices one can make to decrease the likelihood of acquiring this condition. Discuss factors outside an individual’s control associated with acquiring the condition.