Global Health Defined

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Globalization of health is the goal of improving health for all individual in all nations by promoting wellness and eliminating avoidable disease, disability, and death (Global Health, 2009). Moreover, globe health emphasizes transnational health issues, determinants, and solutions; involves many disciplines within and beyond the health care sciences and promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and is synthesis of population-based prevention with individual level of clinical care (Cemma, 2017).

Globalization of health care, can be identified as a positive influence such as economic, medical technology, etc. Economic growth is a key component that not only benefited for globalization but also essential for the income of the poor, which is good for health of the poor. Nevertheless, openness to trade and the inflow of capital, technology, and ideas are essential for sustained economic growth (Feachem, 2011). When there is a medially discovered in one country, it can be instantly used to treated nearly available to patients in other countries. It has also sped up the pace of discovery by linking researchers across the globe to work on the same problem, such as the response to severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) (Pang & Guindon, 2004).

For the challenges of the globalization of health care, every country should be prepared to deal with the international transfer of risks that may occur any time, which is difficult to do, whether this is of microbes, unregulated distribution of drugs, or tobacco marketing. Additionally, the dramatic increase in travel around the world cause thousands of infection pre day. Even the longest intercontinental fights are shorter than the incubation period of any human infectious disease. One third of the European population killed by the Black Death of 1347 this was caused by international trade and the Asian tiger mosquito, which is a vector for dengue fever virus, which was introduced into the United States in 1980s that was in a shipment of used tire coming from Asia (Frenk, 2020).

According to the KFF (2019), “the United States global health architecture include multiple agencies and program and hundreds of international and local partners and reach most low- and middle-income countries around the world.” To aim to help improve health of citizens in developing countries foreign policy priorities and national security concerns, while also contributing to broader U.S. global development goals. By investigating and developing new technologies, interventions, and strategies.

It’s possible to effectively use the global health care system even though there still have some challenges. To shape the future of the health care system if probable. The United States government possibly maintaining regulatory compliance and cybersecurity; adapting to changing consumer need, demands, and expectations; using new care delivery models to improve access and affordability (Deloitte, 2019).


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