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I cared for  a young patient around 40 years old who had end stage liver failure due to non-compliance,  he was scheduled for a ct-scan , we chatted on the way to the exam room.  He barely mentioned his medical conditions ,  we spoke of a great place to take a vacation , he had families in the west indies , we spoke about how beautiful  and fun the island can be , I kept him talking while waiting for the exam , we spoke of island music and his favorite band.  He promised that we were going on a trip to the island once he is cured .  the conversation ended because he had to take the ct-exam , I returned him to the med-surg floor.  On my next day at work , he was sent to the hospice .  That news shook my sentiment because I felt really bad knowing the doctor could do anything to save the patient’s life .  i wanted to go see him to continue chatting with him, specially we spoke the same dialect but i was not allowed into the facility because the Hospice was contracted by any company within the facility.  I never met the families but I wished I was able to go visit him at the hospice. I observe loneliness in him and I would up his spirit with good conversation since he loves talking about the old days on the island . He died that same week at the hospice , he did receive quality care from the hospice , his family was  around most of the time , he was conscious and was able to voice his wishes .