harm reduction material




Make sure to read and view the harm reduction materials before completing this discussion. https://americanaddictioncenters.org/harm-reduction


Models of Treatment for Addiction:


Evidence-based approaches To Drug Addiction


This assignment will tie in materials from earlier modules. Before completing your answer, please identify the following:

1. The theory or model you will use to inform your answers (disease model, genetic model, choice model, social model, or syndrome model).

2. The substance on which you will base your answers

Notes on how to write when completing the assignment: As discussed in the first module of the course, do not use “addict.” While you may choose to use these terms in your personal life, please use person-first language (person with a substance use disorder) for this class. In the future, points will be deducted for this language.

Part 1:

First, define harm reduction in your own words. (5 pts)

Part 2:

Explain why you support or do not support the idea of using harm reduction as an intervention to treat substance use disorder (5 pts), using the following to justify your answer:

  • The theory or model of addiction you’ve identified (does this theory/model support harm reduction? Why or why not?) (10 pts)
  • Information about the substance you identified (for example, short and long-term risks, withdrawal symptoms. How does the substance’s side effects inform your decision about harm reduction?) (10 pts)
  • Substance use and the family (how does substance use affect others? How does a harm reduction method impact others?) (10 pts)
  • Substance use and society (how does society’s view of substance use affect the individual with a substance use disorder? Consider both stigma and legality in your answer about harm reduction) (10 pts)


Explanation & Answer length: 3 pages