Health Access and Health Affordability

This section is on Health Access and Health Affordability. Really it touches on 2 ideas in the developed world. Both really are forms of rationing which is deciding who gets what.

First, is access to health care available? Second if it is available can you get the care?

In the US there are many options and places that provide care but the problem is care is expensive and not all can afford.

In most other developed countries (like Europe) cost is no really the issue as gaining access with the government now deciding what care is provided and how much.

So we are really in a situation of ‘there but can’t afford’ vs ‘can afford but can’t get’. Neither seem like a great answer.

In 400-500 words write a paper. Think of the systems you have seen the pros and cons of them and come up with your own system. When you write about your system do the following

  1. Describe your system
  2. Tell why it is superior as in what problems does it solve
  3. Take time to tell me how it solves the problems of
    1. Cost – who pays and where does the money come
    2. Access – who gets access
    3. Limitations / Rationing – how much do you provide and what about those who want or need more.
  4. Keep in mind economic ideas we have covered in the past
    1. Supply and demand
      1. if it is free people want more
      2. but you have to pay more to get more
  5. This should be 12 pt font and Times New Roman
  6. Use at least 2 citations

Hint: A simple ‘free to all and the government pays’ will be far from sufficient.


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