Health and Society


Health and Society Essay
The purpose of this essay is to apply C. Wright Mills’ sociological imagination in reflecting on your own experiences with regard to health, medicine, and society.
For example, using material from Conley, Chapter 11, you might discuss how your socioeconomic status (or that of your family), race, gender, or other life conditions and experiences have shaped your access to health care, relationships with health professionals, or perceptions of health and illness.

 There is much that Conley covers in this chapter, and perhaps other issues occurred to you as you read it, so feel free to address any issue relevant to your experience as long as it Relates to the topic, and Your discussion does the work of the sociological imagination, that is, makes connections between individual experience and the larger organizational, institutional, and/or societal factors that shape that experience (you might want to review the concept in Chapter 1). Your essay should be double-spaced, 500 words in length, and meet all other requirements for written work (see syllabus). Submit your essay to the Dropbox by the date listed on the course Calendar. that link summary of conley