health care industry

Read the following scenario to complete this assignment.

The health care industry, like other industries, is a very competitive environment. As organizational behavior within health care companies evolves, it will be even more important to consider the future use of learning about/applying concepts of organizational behavior and the need for continuing education.

After a productive year with the medical waste management company, Justin has now been tasked with implementing a company-wide policy change to require continuing education. Each employee will now be required to complete 2 hours of continuing education each year. Justin’s supervisor has asked for an analysis and plan for the implementation of this company-wide change. This analysis will be presented to company leadership as a tool for understanding and implementing this change.

Answer the following prompts.

Cite 2 reputable references. Reputable references include trade or industry publications; government or agency websites; scholarly works; your textbook, Organizational Behavior in Health Care (4th ed.); or other sources of similar quality.

Format your references according to APA guidelines.

1. Explain the importance of continuing education regarding organizational change (100–175 words).

2. Explain the impact this policy change may have on the organizational behavior and organizational culture of the company (100–175 words).

3. Explain barriers to change and how to address the barriers (100–175 words).

4. Explain how this change may affect individual job performance and job satisfaction (100–175 words).

5. Explain a motivational strategy that might be used for implementation (100–175 words).

6. Explain how teams or groups could be used to implement this policy change. Include a review of two approaches managers can use to build team performance and two organizational barriers to team effectiveness (100–175 words).

7. Identify communication methods to be used to support this policy change implementation (45–90 words).