As your GPA (at one or more schools) was below a 3.0, an additional statement is required. Please see instructions below and please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Applicants who wish to request an exception to a DEMSN admission requirement should provide a written exception request statement (no more than 500 words/two double spaced pages) that clearly expresses why they believe an exception to DEMSN admission requirement(s) should be made in their case.

The goal of this statement is to provide faculty with the information needed to assess the prospect’s academic, professional, and personal readiness for the DEMSN program. Applicants should consider this document a statement of evidence, not a persuasive essay, focusing on facts and documented experience that support their exception request. When appropriate, a resume that details relevant experience should be provided.

If relevant, the statement should include an explanation of extenuating circumstances that may have impacted the prospect’s academic record and should stress why they are confident in their ability to succeed in this rigorous program, providing examples when possib

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