HA4050D – Healthcare Law

Assignment 08: Term Paper: Legal Analysis and Conclusion


Task: Submit to complete this assignment

This week we continue the process of drafting your term paper. We have chosen a topic, built a reference list, and have begun writing the body by drafting an introduction and factual background for the topic. This week, we take the next step by thoughtfully analyzing the legal issues in the case or issue.


Write an analysis section for your paper that includes:

.an identification of pertinent legal issues and an explanation of those issues.

.examination of all sides of the argument, giving voice to any opposing views. Be sure to even-handedly and dispassionately present both sides of any controversial issues.

.examination of how any issues have been resolved by the courts, legislatures, or other decision-makers. Fully explain what decisions have been reached and the reasoning used to reach them.

Following the analysis, write a strong conclusion. What can we learn from examining your topic? What can we do better? How can we make the world a better place? Your entire paper should be building toward your thesis (conclusion), building a logical structure that will support your analysis and lead the reader inevitably toward your conclusion.

Your draft should be 2-4 pages long, and much more than just an outline. A draft should look very close to a complete version of your paper. Write in complete sentences and paragraphs, making the draft as thorough as you can. Your instructor will give you feedback on your paper to help you make it better before the final draft. The more you submit now, the more guidance you will receive, and the less work you will have to do before turning in the final paper.

Submit this assignment to the dropbox “Assignment 08: Term Paper: Legal Analysis and Conclusion.” This assignment is worth 40 points and will be graded according to the scoring guide below.


.While you must dispassionately present all sides of an argument, analysis also presents you with the opportunity to begin forming your own opinions. Begin asking if the solutions to these issues that have been found are the best solutions. Is there a better way? What are the other options? Are they better or worse, and why?

.Remember that you are writing a formal academic paper.That means it is not a place for personal feelings or anecdotes. This essay is formal academic writing—the same style you would expect in a professional, peer-reviewed journal. You should never write in first-person—no use of I, me, my, etc. State the facts, cite a source, and keep writing.

.Cite sources in APA parenthetical format as you write. You must back up anything that isn’t common knowledge with a citation to a source. You should average about one source citation per paragraph of content.

.Make sure your margins, page number headings, line spacing, and so forth are in APA format. It is much easier to start out in APA format than try to fix it later. Use the LibGuide to help you if you are unfamiliar with APA.

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