Hurricane data. 

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1. During a claims review, the reviewer states:” the review process shall consist of a simple random sample.  The p value selected for the sample shall be set at p<.05.”  How do you interpret this statement?

2. List the criteria for establishing causation. What two fallacies of reasoning are associated with the respective criteria for causation?

3.Answer the following questions pertaining to the Hurricane data.

How good is the evidence?

Below you will see a table of the number of hurricanes per decade. Calculate the mean, mode, median, and range for category 3-5 hurricanes.

Decade             Cat. 3-5 hurricanes


Mean ______________




Statistical analysis of the above data reveal a lower 95% confidence interval of 5 and an upper 95% confidence interval of 8. How do you interpret this finding?

Suppose 4 hurricanes were reported for the decade of 2001-2010. Based on the 95% confidence interval, what is the probability of such an occurrence?

Based on statistical theory, what conclusion could you draw?

4 Answer the following questions related to this document.

Q24 Suppose during the next t (1).doc download

Suppose during the next three decades, the average number of hurricanes per decade is as follows: 4, 6, and 8. Compare these three decades to the previous data calculated in the prior question. (5pts)

1. What are the three potential hypotheses? (3pts)

2. Which hypothesis can you accept? (1pt)

3. How many hurricanes would you expect in the following decade? (1pt)

5.How deceptive are the statistcs?

Q25 How deceptive are (1)End term exam.doc download

How does this figure in the link attempt to deceive you?

6.Answer the following questions regarding the attached article.Q26 A recent study shows that (1).doc