I believe Unions help employees get what they need. T

I believe you can look at Unions in both ways good and bad. I am for Unions, I believe Unions help employees get what they need. They create equal pay, better working conditions and they always fight for what is right and not wrong. Some Unions may take money off of the top but at the end of the day if it is a good union with good benefits and they fight for their workers then who should and can really complain. Unions fight for what the employees want which leads to happiness for the employees. I believe being in a union really protects employees’ sanity they always know if something goes wrong they are saved in most cases by the union. Being able to have support from a group at all times can really be great for many people and it allows you to really just focus on the job at hand and have great mental health. But all things are not always good Unions have many terrible qualities such as, some may be taking too much money from the workers so the people sitting in the office all day are the ones making the same as people who are on the road in 100-degree weather doing manual labor. This is wrong if the union is not doing its job in fighting for the workers and making sure everyone is getting taken care of.¬† The one thing I really don’t respect about Unions is the seniority in some cases older people in companies abuse the younger people which is not fair when you are in most cases making more money than the younger people. Then when people are let go it is usually the younger people which is okay to me now it forces the older people to work. But we can look at all the negatives and positives they in most cases even out. But I will always stand for unions because it allows for people to do the jobs no one wants to really do in America and people can make great money doing it without Unions America would hurt pretty badly.

2) Unions are good:

There are many reasons why syndicates are relevant. Because of the union efforts, most of the rights at work were gained. Unions show the unity’s influence, that is to speak of the dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction¬†of the employees by supplying staff with a strong, collective voice. Better terms and benefits was negotiated by the Unions. This includes negotiations with workers and employers and arrangements. On behalf of staff, qualified syndical officials lead these talks. Unions are most likely to ensure greater job stability, i.e. that the trade union workers remain longer in their jobs. Syndicates make sure that if you need someone by your side. That ensures that you really are part of the greater and have the union’s support anytime you need it by being a union member. A union is fighting with equal job opportunity. They advocate equal pay, equal rights and bigotry. Finally, the trade unions provide counsel and legal assistance.

Unions are bad:

It is often suggested that the unions are evil. Unions are poor, for example, since they can be monopolies. For example, if the founders of the union do not work, it is really impossible for someone else to do their job. Union employees therefore have no expertise and can require higher pay and work less. They have little competition. Unions should risk stopping work if businesses do not pay enough to their employees. This could lead to employers being laid off. Any syndical workers are injured. Unions are not just pitting employers against. You are opposed to lenders, other employees or customers by a small group of workers. Unions do not even conclude deals to represent all their own members, only the majority, typically only the aged with a higher seniority. Unions, not the most active staff, often appear to preserve seniority. Therefore the staff most newly employed are the first to be fired as dismissals take place. It is evident from the aforementioned debates that the gains are greater than the drawbacks seen by the unions. So I support the argument of good unions.