IHI patient experience data in the link provided.




As a current or future health care executive leader, you are responsible for the patient’s experience in your health care organization. Whether you are overseeing a health system, hospital, clinic, or other health care organization, the patient’s experience will be one of your top three priorities (Institute for Healthcare Improvement, 2016). Understanding the data involved in measuring the patient experience is an important part of what you will be undertaking.

Interpreting patient experience data can quickly become overwhelming and confusing to anyone trying to use the data for improvement. The Patient Experience Data Self-Assessment challenges knowledge and common assumptions about what the data actually means. It can be used to expand your current knowledge on effectively using patient experience data For this Assignment:

  1. Review the IHI patient experience data in the link provided.
  2. Complete the IHI document by printing it, marking it manually, and then scanning it as a PDF document.
  3. In a separate MS Word document, provide brief narrative justification for your responses to the six [6] questions.
  4. Upload both the PDF and Word documents into the Week 2 Assignment area.
  5. Alternatively, if you have the Adobe program that allows you to type directly into the IHI document, you are free to do so and upload that one document.


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