please improve this job, correct mistakes and follow this instructions


I have reviewed your Health History submission and would like to go over it with you so you may improve your assignment before the due date. You can edit your assignment and resubmit it before the due date.
Under obstetrics, you want to ask your patient if they have children, how many, how were they delivered, if they suffered any miscarriages, when was their last menstrual period, are they in menopause, has she gotten a pap smear, what were the results of the pap smear.
I noticed you were missing your genogram. Do not forget to include that.
Under the Review of symptoms, you will use the same format as the guide provided but you would not just include “none” or only what she had. It should properly be written as ” Skin: Denies or reports rashes, lumps, sores, itching, dryness, color changes in hair or nails” if your patient suffered from something and not the other you can say ” Skin: reports rashes, lumps, sores, itching, dryness. Denies color changes in hair or nails”
According to APA, the bold titles such as “Review of systems” should be indented left and not in the middle. In your second page you should add a “Health History” (unbolded) in the center of the page and that is your title.
Under Patterns of healthcare, you want to include if your patient actively participates in preventative care such as annuals or going to the dentist, etc.
Remember to include identified risk factors and any health promotion activities. Also include what suggestions to made to their diet and what is their evaluation of their own diet (excellent, good, fair, poor).
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.