in-depth reaction to a specific concept(s)

1) in-depth reaction to a specific concept(s) covered in class discussions and/or readings, (2) alignment of the concept(s) with specific ethical codes of ACA, ASCA, or NAADAC/APCB (3) relevant scholarly literature that supports the discussion of the conc

This paper is a detailed and specific forum for you to consider the ethical, legal, applied, and philosophical issues relevant to counseling. Though these papers are your opinion they must be informed opinion. Thus, you must reference and discuss specific ethical code(s), cases, articles, etc discussed in class. Each paper must be at least 5-8 pages long. What you state in these papers are your informed opinion. You are graded on how you interpret and think about the ethics of counseling as per the specific topic of the week. DO NOT SIMPLY RE-STATE WHAT YOU READ AND/OR WHAT TRANSPIRED IN CLASS


Needs- Ethical Decision Making fro the 21st Centurny Counselor Book by Donna S. Sheperis, Michael M. Kocet, and Stacy L. Henning …from chapters 5, 6, 8, or 10

Needs- ACA Ethical Standard Casebook

Needs- Peer Reviews Journals

APA 7th professional paper!