influenced by globalisation

Each group member is expected to submit a copy of their group power point presentation.

In addition to the power point presentation, you are also requested to submit an Individual 500 words reflection on:

(1)  Your role within the group on the development and preparation of the materials for the presentation

(2)  How the presentation slides/materials uploaded have demonstrated achievement of the four module learning outcomes


The reflection is due on 27th March 2020 at 18:00. A separate submission link for the reflection has been created on Moodle under the assessment tab.


Learning Outcomes

There are four learning outcomes for the module and by the time you have completed it, it is envisaged that you will be able to:

  1. Criticallyanalysehow national politics and policy making is influenced by globalisation and demographic change; and the impact these have on local decision-making about service delivery and resource allocation.
  2. Critically review the leadership challenges in implementing policy changes at a local level, including marketing and communicating the changes internally and externally
  3. Critically evaluate how the implementation of policy is sustained through governance and regulatory mechanisms in localorganisations
  4. Examine and evaluate local responses to national and international policy drivers and critically discuss the tensions which can arise when policy is translated into practice.


Attached file of Presentation and related resources.