invention of the smartphone

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  • How has the invention of the smartphone camera changed photography? The invention of the smartphone , in my opinion has changed photography in a way  so much in a way that it looses its spark or excitability of using a camera. When I was a kid, I absolutely loved my camera. I was enthralled at the mechanisms of how it worked and excited at having the opportunity to even have a camera. I was the only kid on my street that had a Kodak camera and felt as if it was a trophy that everyone wanted. With the ability to use a smart phone to take pictures is very convenient, it looses the uniqueness that using a camera has. I see it this way due to almost everyone has a smartphone with the ability to take photos with it. This method of taking pictures is wiping out a large majority of camera users.
  • How have apps and social media changed the way we share photos? Are they positive and/or negative changes? Explain. The use of smartphones have greatly changed the way we share photos in a negative way. Years ago when I would take photos, we would send the film to the pharmacy to be developed. It would take a couple of days but at the same time my excitement would build, wanting  to see the finished product. Then, after picking up the pictures, I would go through them one by one and weed out the ones I did not like. In todays’ world, we do not need to wait for film to be developed which looses a sense of authenticity. Smart phone pictures are instant and can be shared in an instant. This can be damaging as well. We can take a quick pic of someone and send it to another person or persons through an app that can cause  a great deal of distress to people involved. The reputation of a person can be ruined in an instant. As a result of ” instant gratification” with smart phones. people do not think of the consequences either.  Since smart phone apps are so instant, people do not think about their actions at times when it comes to photos and how to be responsible with sharing certain images. Also, smart phones take away the sense of having a professional taking the photos. It takes away that feeling of uniqueness that one has when using cameras and the time involved with developing film.  ( Jeffries, 2013 ) feels that using smartphone cameras is breaking down the art form of photography.  He states ” Photography has never been so popular, but it’s getting destroyed. There have never been so many photographs taken, but photography is dying”.


Jeffries, Stuart.(2013). The Death of Photography: are camera phones destroying an art form? The Guardian, 12/2013. pp.75-77.