longterm risks

Childhood diabetes is not as common as adult onset diabetes, but over a ten year period from 2002-2012 there was a 4.8% increase in the number of children newly diagnosed (Galuska, et, al. 2018) Having diabetes as a child increases the longterm risks of more serious conditions like heart disease, loss of vision or loss of limbs from poor circulation. Children don’t understand what any of these things are or how detrimental being obese can be for there long term health, and sadly most often neither do the parents because they themselves are obese.

Prevention is the most important factor when looking at programs for children, but the social determinants that play a role in the increase in diabetes within families will make it difficult to have effective prevention programs. In many cities and counties socioeconomic determinates play a huge role in obesity because it is more expensive to eat healthy and there has not been a push to educate families on low cost healthy meals. (CDC. 2021) A family of 4 can go to McDonald’s and eat for under $12, and for a family where every dollar counts it is sometimes their only option simply because they don’t think they have any other choice.

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