lot of debate

1)There is a lot of debate about the role of added sugars and refined grains in the development of obesity.  Now that you have read about obesity and recommendations for weight management, such as physical activity, please briefly discuss the background behind this debate and then answer the following questions.  Remember to always defend your answer with appropriate examples (only providing one example is inadequate).

  1. What evidence supports the role of added sugars and refined grains in the development of obesity?
  2. What evidence refutes or shows no association between these foods with obesity?
  3. Do you think that the obesity epidemic in North America and worldwide is solely due to nutrition?
  4. To what extent do you think physical activity, or the lack thereof, contributes to the obesity epidemic?
  5. If you could only choose one factor, which has a stronger influence on obesity: added sugars and refined grains; or physical activity?

You must include at least two original research articles as references, in addition to the textbook and your life experiences. An excellent answer will provide at least two examples, of which one is an original research paper preferred. Some websites you can use to access free articles from peer-reviewed scientific journals are PubMed Central (PMC)  or BMC.  Note: Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable reference to cite and will not be counted because anyone can write incorrect or unsubstantiated information in Wikipedia. Be sure to use APA format for all citations.

2) Discuss the practicality of storing energy in early human civilizations and the consequences of these metabolic processes in today’s world. Refer back to the story of the Pima Indians in Chapter 1.4 “Health Factors and Their Impact” and the concept of the “thrifty gene.” Please provide at least one original research article to supporting your examples, in addition to any other external sources, including life experiences. Be sure to use APA format for all citations.