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Generally, tech-enabled home care refers to leveraging the use of technology to support both care recipients and caregivers. Choose any questions below to share your thoughts and feel free to discuss any other thoughts you have in mind regarding tech-enabled care in the area of caregiving.

1. To what extent do you think the tech-enabled home care options that we discussed today can help caregivers? Are they using user-centered design?

2. Can technology be the solution to helping both care recipients and caregivers? Why or why not?
3. What are other factors that need to be complemented with or considered to improve currently available tech-enabled home care services?


Answer one of the following questions and in your peer response, respond to the other question

1) Does depression predispose individuals to allergic disorders? Or Does atopy predispose people to depression?2) Is there a common genotype and/or phenotype that would enhance the risk for both depressive disorders and atopy?